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My Top 5 Tips on Staying on Track with Wedding Planning
My Top 5 Tips on Staying on Track with Wedding Planning

Now that we know all the things that have to happen when planning a wedding, we need to know how to actually make them happen. Think about it like a goal, the main goal is to get married, but there are lots of steps that need to be done before we can reach that goal.

Here are my top 5 tips on staying on track with wedding planning!

  1. Write out the steps you need to complete. For example it could be book the venue, plan the honeymoon, etc.
  2. Break down those steps into mini steps. In order to book a venue you need to establish your budget and look, research potential venues, schedule meetings with them and then book whatever one fits you best. By breaking it down into mini steps it makes it easier to tackle and you have the exact steps you need to take to get it done.
  3. Now set due dates. I would set a due date for when you want the overall task to be complete i.e booking the venue and then set due dates for all the mini steps. Be realistic with your due dates. Think about what your schedule and what you'll actually have time for. You can even build in buffer time to account for things that may come up that you haven't thought about.
  4. Write them down! You can either write them in your planner, the calendar on your phone or even online with a program like Trello. They have sample boards to set up like this one and this one.
  5. Optional tip. If you are really bad at planning, share your due dates with a family member or friend that is very organized and have them help you stay on top of your due dates.

I hope this helps you tackle your big to do list and with staying on track with wedding planning. What has worked best for you while planning your wedding? Leave your response in the comments.