"We’re all so frightened by time the way it moves and and the way it disappears. 

That’s why we’re photographers, we’re preservationists by nature.

We take pictures to stop time.

To commit moments to eternity.

Human nature made tangible."

Your wedding day is not about the photographs, but images are one of the few things left after the day is over and 20 years has past. It’s an investment into your memories and legacy.

As the historian of your wedding I am giving you permission to do whatever you want. Not what Instagram or Pinterest wants you to do or your family and friends, but what you want to do as a couple. I will be your advocate and promise to always be on your side, so you can spend time doing what you want on your wedding day. Maybe that is going to a bar crawl after your ceremony, taking 15 minutes to yourselves before the reception to just talk to each other, or attending cocktail hour so you can see the people you love the most. 

If there is one gift you give yourselves on your wedding day it is to let go of all expectations and just be there, fully present in each moment. Whether that means tears, laughter, rain, nerves, sunshine, or excitement. And you won’t have to worry because I’ll be there to photograph it all. 

Portrait sessions starting at $350 and wedding coverage starting at $2100.

travel dates

February 2019 - Cancun, Mexico

March 2019 - Oregon

April 2019 - Arizona

May 2019 - Costa Rica

September 2019 - Portland

October 2019 - Arizona